One Team. Two Paths.

At Romans Tide we're able to provide support to wholesalers, and brand owners. Utilizing our years of experience and success, we're able to harness our know-how to get real results for brand owners, and those who want to help brand owners in the online marketplaces.





Becoming a successful wholesaler involves more than selling - whether it's attention to detail, or understanding Amazon's ever changing landscape - at Roman's Tide we absolutely know what it takes.

Amazon has a lot of spinning plates for sellers to keep track of. We'll take you from the basics, to advanced FBA concepts, all while maintaining a drive to help you succeed. 

If you have a passion for winning, and being a partner to brand owners, we'd be pleased to collaborate with you on your journey to success.




Brand Owners.

We live and breathe customer service every day. In addition to all of the services we already provide - we also consult on customer service.

Even though your customers are buying on Amazon, we utilize our software to make sure we interact which each customer that purchases your product. 

Any feedback that can potentially help your brand gets relayed to you.

We also ensure each contact point the customer has with the brand is a good one, while also providing less than 24 hour response time to the customer.