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At Romans Tide, we've mastered advertising to increase conversion for your products.

Sponsored advertising is a way to get more eyes on your products, and thus create more customers and sales. You can get your product listings to the top of Amazon search results for your selected keywords.

There are three key elements to sponsored advertising in general.


Get more customers to see and potentially click on your listings.

Click and Conversion Rates

Through targeted ads and listing optimization, get a higher percentage of targeted customers to click on and buy your products.

Keyword Data

Automatic sponsored ads are a treasure trove of information. You’re able to find out what keywords customers are using to find and buy your products.



Sponsored Advertising and You

There are three types of Sponsored Advertising, that can help gain visibility and sales for your brand.

These are excellent tools that allow you to drive customers directly to your listings.


Search Results

Help customers who are looking for products like yours to find your listings. This allows your listing to rank near or at the top of search results. You’ll also collect data on what keywords are most effective, and you can double down spending on those keywords.

Headline Search Ads

Highlight your brand as the banner at the top of the search results, and link a banner ad to a brand page that encourages shoppers to browse all of your listings.

Product Display Page

Advertise below the Buy Box on competitor’s listings to capture their customers, and you’ll need to defend your competitor’s from doing the same to you. Another useful feature of a Product Display Page is the ability to up-sell, and cross-sell in your own listings.


Manual sponsored ads allow brands to refine their advertising spend and get sales more efficiently over time. It’s important to always be playing offense and defense.

There are several ways to get your products in front of targeted customers, and at the same time brands should make an effort to keep competitors away from opportunities to steal their existing customer base.



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